Our goal is to offer you the widest range of supply systems and vessels to hold and maintain cryogenic temperatures (-196°C) for your biological product needs. Whatever you need to store or to transport in liquid nitrogen, we have the solution. Stirling plants designed for over sixty years by Stirling Cryogenics BV are serving customers all over the world. These “Turnkey” solution delivers liquid nitrogen or oxygen at your location being the easiest Plug-and- Play solution.


The vacuum super-insulated vessels from CHART – FEROX serve for storing and transporting of biological material in liquid nitrogen. We supply the ideal tanks for all areas of application (research, development, storage of stem cells or blood bags in medicine or industry) for immediate use.


The tanks are manufactured according to the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) or TPED and tested in Romania by ISCIR.

Transport Vessels for technical gases (N2, He, O2) in liquid of gas phase

Liquid nitrogen, Liquid oxygen, He

Long term Storage Vessels for stem cell, Blood bags - Steam Center Cord Blood

Steam Center Cord Blood


Stirling Cryogenics BV is designing and manufacturing since more than sixty years gas liquefaction plants. This experience of the well-known leader in the field of cryogenic equipment can be seen in StirLIN plants (liquid nitrogen or oxygen) and on the gas market in StirLNG Cryogenerators. Nowadays a lot of other application are needed such as re-liquefaction of boil off gas to compensate for losses in a cryogenic storage system or re-liquefaction of boil-off gas on vessels (LNG Bunker Vessels) – in maritime application.

As authorized distributor for Romania we sell and install all these equipment in A.I. Centers, Research Institutes, Superconducting Industry, Nuclear Centers, hospitals or LNG terminals. We are offering not only the “after sales support” for all plants already installed in Romania (more then 10) but additional to these, training/maintenance courses can be done at the location of the customers or in Son, Holland direct at the manufacturer.


We offer solutions for installation and assembly of vacuum pipe for technical gases in various sizes and qualities.